Within experimental pragmatics, the research carried out in the specific projects attempts to reveal systematic correlations between the formal properties of different mechanisms that contribute to the construction of discourse and their cognitive processing. These studies provide insight into the way in which speakers store and organize mental representations cognitively, connect them with others, and also the way in which representations are modified in communication.

HardwareEye Tracker SMI RED 500, max. 500hz, accuracy 0.4°
SoftwareAvailable applications: SMI Experiment Suite 360°, SMI BeGaze, SMI Video Analysis Package, SMI Reading Package.
Statistical CooperationStatistische Beratungslabor (StaBLab), Munich

Data Repository

The data repository provides a platform on which the data of the research group is stored. It allows data to be filtered by study, variables and parameters, and to make comparisons between areas of interest.

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